The fish in Lake Wohlford

Channel Catfish

Channel Catfish are Native to North America.  They have 2 to 4 pair of whiskers called barbels, they have no scales, and have sharp spines on their back and behind their gills.  If water and food is abundant this variety can reach up to 70 lb.  The California Record for Channel Catfish is 52 lb. 10 oz. in 1993.

Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout are native to western North America.  The coloring of the Rainbow Trout is that of true trout (or Black Spotted Trout); dark (black) spots on a lighter body and tail.  A pink/redish side indicates the Rainbow variety. They are a beautiful, strong fighting, spirited catch and a favorite among many fishermen because of this.  They may live up to 11 years.   Fish size depends on the habitat it lives in.  The California Record is 23 lb. in 2000 (lake).

Black Crappie

Black Crappie are closely related to Sunfish and Black Bass.  When fully grown they can be up to 1 foot long.  The California Record is 4 lb. 1 oz. in 1975.

Largemouth Bass

Part of the Sunfish family, Largemouth Bass are 1 of 6 species in the Black Bass family.  A strong fighter, most adults weigh 1-4 lb.. some weighing up to 20+ lb.. and usually are not more than about 2 feet long.  The size of the fish is based on the amount of food it can get and the size of the lake it lives in.  The California Record is 21 lb. 12 oz. in 1991.

Bluegill are usually found near cover of some type.  Also part of the Sunfish family, it is the most abundant in California and can reproduce many times per year.  If the number of Largemouth Bass in the water decreases, then the bluegill may take over many aspects of the lake, for bass do keep the numbers down.  The California Record for a Bluegill is 3 lb. 8 oz. in 1991.

Pictures courtesy of Department of Fish and Game.

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